No More Liars in Congress (ft. Kathleen Winn)

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Kathleen Winn may be the most honest woman I know. So, when she says Arizona needs a better representative in District 6, I believe her!

But that is not the only problem she has her eye on fixing – The Swamp is next!

In this wonderful episode, Kathleen and I talk about what inspired her to run for office, how God is working in our country, and what kind of future we are leaving to our grandchildren. Don’t miss it! This woman will turn Washington D.C. upside down!

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Elaine Beck 0:17
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here, so proud to be with you today and talk to a very dear friend, and about the joy of running for office. And nobody does it better than Kathleen Winn. And she’s running for Congress here in Arizona. And I wanted to give her the floor today. Not that I won’t talk because you know me. But I wanted to give her the floor today tell us a little bit about what it’s like to run for Congress in the state of Arizona, and some of the things that she has planned and what’s coming up, because I think it is exciting. Kathleen, we’re talking about people like yourself, who are conservative fighters that love their country, love their grandkids. Love the world. And love God first, and wants to just do the right thing. So welcome to my show!

Kathleen Winn 1:16
Elaine, thanks so much for having me back. And it really is exciting. I was at an event last Saturday and spoke about how I would govern differently. I’m running against an incumbent. And that’s not usually very popular. But voting records matter.

Elaine Beck 1:33
And they do.

Kathleen Winn 1:34
And if you don’t vote, the way that you said, you know, if you laid out an agenda, and you said, if you elect me, I’ll do this, and you don’t do it. The American people more than ever, I think are paying attention to your man. And Kevin McCarthy learned that lesson the hard way, he did not do what He promised to do. He then tried to get in bed with the Democrats. And ultimately it was the Democrats that betrayed him. Not the not his own party, his own party, our party, the Republican Party said You promised to do this XYZ, you didn’t do it. And so we’re removing you first time in the history of this country. I think we’re demanding that the people that serve us actually do the job of serving the needs of the people, not their own special needs. It’s very different.

Elaine Beck 2:22
Very true. And we the people, and that’s who we are guys, remember that? We the People. It is our voice that you or anybody else running for office or somebody who’s in office is supposed to be speaking for, you’re not supposed to go up there like so many of them do, and play games and footsie with the other side, and get paid off and do whatever, I’m not accusing any one person. I’m saying there are people who have been, you know, had their heads turn, they’ve been led down the path they’ve been lied to, but they bought the farm. And you can’t do that. You are there to represent the good people of your district. Right?

Kathleen Winn 3:10
Absolutely. And I think it’s important that you know, when you say I’m going to represent you, it means you take people’s calls, you respond to their complaints. If you do do a vote and they don’t agree with it, you don’t give them your explanation again, why you voted that way. You listen to why they didn’t want you to vote that way. And you do a better job of, of connecting with your constituents. I’m very much a grassroots person. I’ve been in the party since Goldwater was our senator. I went, I gotta say, a long time ago, but I’ve never I’m not- I know my political identity. I know who I am. I am pro life. I am a Christian. I have children. I have grandchildren. And I have many friends. I have many friends. And it was those friends that as our current Congressman started voting, reached out to me and said, This is not what we signed up for. I thought he was more conservative. I thought he was going to vote this way. And I really, to be honest with you didn’t want to run again. It’s a lot of work. I don’t shy away from hard work, I actually enjoy it. But I had over 1000 people after different votes, contact me. And finally, just a few weeks ago, we did announce and and I’ll be heading up to DC in the next few weeks to have meetings. I am definitely on the side of the eight who challenged Kevin McCarthy man, you know and I if I was there, I would have I don’t think I ever would have voted for my I’ve kidded that I would still be voting no. Again. But I love speaker NEW SPEAKER Mike Johnson. He has not shied away from stating his Christian values. And now more than ever in this country, we have to stand with God. If we don’t, this country will be lost. The people that founded this country, they were all godly men. And they ensured that that was part of this constitution that we would be a nation of God.

Elaine Beck 5:10
Trust me, the people in the other countries, I’ve been to a few of them just this year. They know that if the United States falls, the world falls. And that’s why I believe that God’s given us this new thing to remember to pray for our enemies for the season of forgiveness. And I won’t get into that because they know to go to and look it up. But it’s it is true that when you go to another country, they’re they’re coming up to us going, what’s going to happen? What are we going to do? You guys have to? I mean, literally,

Kathleen Winn 5:49
No, I understand. If America falls, the world falls, it does. And we have to look at who are we allies with? We are allies with Israel, we have to stand with Israel. What happened there was horrific and atrocious and evil. But you look at we’re supporting Ukraine, but who is supporting Russia? China. And who’s supporting Hamas through Iran? China. So we have to decouple ourselves from the CCP, the CCP is sending over the fentanyl, gave us the gift of COVID. It has stealing intellectual property, and we’re not holding them accountable. The California Governor Gavin Newsom, just spent a week over there. So we are very different ideology. We have different very different ideology, the Conservatives and the liberals. And it’s not even liberal, it’s extremism. And I I just believe that we have to go back to serving the people. That was the design of government, not big government. I made a comment last weekend that the government needs to go see go low, they need to go on a big diet, and they need to lose a lot. Oh, like Department of Education, Department of Labor Department. We need to get rid of all of this. Yeah, I love I love that the Congress just took money out of the IRS budget to give to Israel, what a great way. We don’t need more IRS agents, you’re taking all of our tax money. They want to abuse us more, right? But we’re $2 trillion above what we took in, you can’t do that that’s not sustainable. So government needs to be reined in. And we need to stand up. You need to be strong. You don’t we do not have an unlimited checkbook. We can’t just keep writing checks and money and making more money. And fiscally, I’m completely different than my opponent. I ran a business. I’ve raised children. I had six kids in college at the same time. I know five of them, girls, they’re more expensive. I’ll just tell you girls are more expensive. I now have with my husband, 18 grandchildren, 12 of them girls, six boys. And 14 of those babies are seven and under. Do you think I don’t worry about their future I do but not just theirs. This next generation is under attack. They want to kill off our next generation. They do but but but more than anything, the next generation.

Elaine Beck 6:34
The next generation, because they’re seeing what’s happening now. And they’re all turning against them. Because they’re, they’re wise enough to see the pain and suffering that their parents and their neighbors and their church, and everything that they hold dear. And we’re taught about and their schools and everything going down the drain. Hey, these young people are born with brains. Yes, they see what’s happening. They don’t like it, they are fighting back. So they don’t want them around. They want to keep bringing in illegals, right that they can manipulate. But I want to I want to change the subject just a little bit.

Kathleen Winn 8:11
Sure, please.

Elaine Beck 8:11
Because I want to make a promise to you right here on my show. That when you go to Washington, because you’re going to win. And when you go to Washington, that the people of Arizona have struggled and been lied to and stuff for so long. That I thought you and I could do this since there is studios up there. Yes, that you can get into you and I can at least once every two weeks. Get together absolutely do a show and update the people because this is the thing they’re hungry for. I was please tell me the truth.

Kathleen Winn 9:35
that would be fabulous. But I would love to do that’s my background. It’s natural for me. But but but in our our congressmen, not mine. But all the other ones do a video where they talk about the issues. They tell their constituents what’s going on. Communication is key. It is if you can’t talk to your constituents, then you counter you represent them. It’s not about you running your agenda. I don’t have an agenda. My agenda is the people’s agenda. And I’ve I’ve done that consistently, I did it when I worked in the Attorney General’s office, I did it in business. I’ve advocated for people my entire adult life. It is a natural thing for me to do. And now more than ever, we need citizen advocates. We need people that will stand up for the Constitution for the rule of law. That’s what I’ve done. That’s what I’ll continue to do. And I’m my website is It is not, you know, it is a congressional campaign. But I so much am here to go to DC to support the citizens of Arizona.,

Elaine Beck 10:34
Because, you know, I always tell people this. Yes, we all have congressmen, and they all live in your own very own district, and you’re gonna vote for them. But remember, all of the congressmen then come together, when there’s a vote on the floor, they all get a voice. And if you don’t have the power behind it, and the people behind supporting those congressmen to do what is right, that Your vote can be nothing. If everybody else votes the wrong way. We all have to make sure we have the best of the best. We’re finding that some of the people that got voted in last time or years ago, are not doing the right thing. Vote for the best of the best in your area. Please seek to know who your candidates are, and know what their policies are. So that you know who to vote for. Right, Kathleen?

Kathleen Winn 11:37
Absolutely. I you know, I would never have increased the debt ceiling. I would never have given the FBI a new building. I would have never, not- I would have censured Adam Schiff for all the horrible things he did to Donald Trump. And I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t be explaining to you why I didn’t. And when that happened, that was the biggest outpouring of upset I got. And Donald Trump said, we need to primary these 20. So I didn’t respond, then I prayed about it, I took it to heart. But if you can’t count on the person that’s representing you to do the right thing, then, then we don’t have a representative government, we’ve got some other click or club. And I don’t want to be part of a clique or a club. I want to enact what the Constitution says that that is why we have this kind of government. We need to shrink government. And we need to take care of the needs of the people and we need to restore order. And our congressmen promised to secure the border. How’s that working out for us? Right? It’s not. And I I know of over 120,000 Missing illegal immigrant children that have been turned over. So our government is trafficking children. That is my heart. That is my core issue. If I don’t step forward now, given all the knowledge that God has given me, then there’s going to be no better time than right now. I have to do this right now. And follow my passion and follow my commitment to God.

Elaine Beck 13:01
Yeah, well, I just hope that everybody that’s listening to this show today, or whatever day they get to it, because they can go to and watch it anytime it comes out. And anybody that watches this show, I hope they understand and are listening to somebody and understand that you need to know the person that’s running before you vote for him. Don’t just go out and pick them by like their name. I heard they were good. I heard they might not do this I heard. No. It’s so easy. CPAC, for instance, has what’s called a scorecard. That score card, if you’re voting for somebody that has been in will tell you how they voted who they voted for, what policies they put in place, what committees they’ve been on, it tells you everything. That’s why it’s called a scorecard. Check it out before you revote for somebody. And when it’s somebody new coming in, like you, yes, you know, you don’t hide nothing. You want them to know what you do.

Kathleen Winn 14:16
I am very- I’m an open book. I’m on the radio every day Monday through Friday, if you want to go you can listen to my podcast, but I am very, very blunt about what I have to say. Because I don’t want to have to remember a lie or you know, oh, no conversion or you know, or do covert operations. I’m very direct. I was raised by a US Marine. I’m Italian. I’m going to tell you I think it all kind of goes into the packet. My last name is when so let’s just say that’s ordained by God. Okay, other than that, your name doesn’t really matter. But I really do appreciate the opportunity that I have and people have been great like this feels different even than the last election because People are- they want integrity back in our country, and they may want to be safe. And then they want people that have the moral courage to step forward, to honor our God to honor our country, and to protect the people that live here. And that way, then the world can be a safe place again, and we can have world peace, because we just did we know that we can do it.

Elaine Beck 15:19
Well, I can speak and say this. Everybody listening and watching. I know this woman, and her word is everything to her. She’s not going to make you promises that she won’t live up to. And she’s not going to go to Washington and get bought, sold. bribed, bagged, nothing. She’s going to honor God, she’s going to honor our country. She’s going to honor the people. And I’m so glad that you come in today and speak for yourself. But I want you all to know that no matter where you live, no matter who is running for your district, whether it is the school district, and the school board. That’s so important. That’s number one, or what they’re doing, please know who they are. Come on. You all have time to do a little research makes it so easy with our phones now. God bless you know that I’m always praying for you. And thanks for being here. Kathleen.

Kathleen Winn 16:26
Thank you so much, Elaine. I appreciate the opportunity. God bless

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