Hamas Is Crossing Our Border (ft. Michael Meshire & Kathleen Winn)

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It’s no secret – our southern border is a nation-wide disaster.

Even as our brothers and sisters in Israel fight for their freedom and safety against terrorists, our own threat level is rising. Fighting age men carrying guns and grenades, speaking Arabic and Chinese, are flooding into places like my hometown of Tucson every day.

And then with Biden’s approval, they disappearing into the wind. What can we do? Where can we learn more?

I’ve brought on my friends (and world-class experts) Michael Meshire and Kathleen Winn to discuss.



Elaine Beck 0:17
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And we are It’s Not About Us, our show that speaks to who this world really belongs to our Lord and Savior and God, our Creator. And so we are here to tell you the good things that are happening in the midst of all of the bad stuff we have to remember He’s in control. And we know the end of the story. But again, today, I have two special guests with me, my dear friend, Kathleen Winn, and Michael Meshire. Michael is a retired Border Patrol, who served for how many years in over 27 years.

Michael Meshire 0:56
27 years.

Elaine Beck 0:58
Wow. I bet the stories could go on for 54 years.

Michael Meshire 1:04
Yeah, you’d need about 50 more cameras. Yeah.

Elaine Beck 1:06
Sure. And part of our shows about that today, but another person here who’s really well versed on things that are bad that are happening on the border is my friend, Kathleen Winn, who’s been working with the sheriff’s, in this entire state and across the country, in some instances, about the trafficking that’s happening. And so we’re all here sitting in Arizona, a state that we’re an hour and a half from the border. And we’re going to talk about a current event. That is I’m having a hard time I’m struggling with the fact that our brothers and sisters in Israel have been attacked, murdered, just in such devastating, I don’t want to go into it. You hear it on the news all the time, we try and bring in the good stuff. So we want to talk about maybe some things that we can do. And it always starts with prayer, doesn’t it?

Kathleen Winn 2:13

Elaine Beck 2:14
It always starts with prayer. We have to remember that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. Jesus was a Jew. That’s who he is. That’s his family. And we are so blessed that from the beginning of this country, the people that brought it together, immediately called it a Judeo Christian country, because this is who we are to back. And they back us. And it’s always been that way. I mean, who did we? Who did we fight over in Europe? To save the Jewish people? The Nazis, right. So the Holocaust when it happened, did we stay home and go that’s their problem? No, because it’s not. It’s our problem.

Kathleen Winn 3:14
But you can see right now in Congress, that we have Congress, people that are representing the people of the United States that are pro Hamas. and pro Iran. And, and, and I never thought never thought in all of my days, that given that we had the Holocaust, that we would ever see a time in this country, where people in the United States Congress would be allowed to do that. And I understand Palestinian people, that’s a different thing. But but but at the end of the day, this what happened in in, in, in Israel needed, they need to defend themselves, they don’t there should be no cease. They’re calling for a ceasefire after they went in and horrifically killed so many people, Israel has to defend and take this hill right now they have to fight back. And we have as an ally in their long standing ally of this country, we have to support them. And it shouldn’t even be complicated, but somehow evil is so bad right now, we have to have this discussion, which is it’s horrible.

Well the thing is, is the Hamas and what’s the other one – Hezhollah has they have been trained by Iran.


Elaine Beck 4:38
And Iran is put themselves into the picture the minute we went in to help our allies, which makes sense. The minute we went in to start helping in that they started attacking us, they’re not just attacking Israel. They’re attacking our sites in Syria. and other areas of the Middle East. And so now we’re defending ourselves, not just our ally, but ourselves. This is escalating daily.

Kathleen Winn 5:16
It is escalating daily. And the other thing that, you know talked about on I have a radio show, we talked about it today, the CCP funded Iran, the CCP is funding Russia, funding Ukraine. The CCP is funding the Mexican and Central American cartels that have operational control of our border. This is a world issue. And we better really clearly define who our allies are who our enemies are. And the fact that this President is about to meet was using ping in San Francisco. And they’ve instructed Joe Biden he must smile and shake the hand of the Chinese leader at this time is condescending. And I don’t even think we should take that meeting. We have to really define who is for us and who is against us, who is for God and who is not. Because I think we this is what’s happening, right and the border is. Now let’s get to the border.

Where this is playing out.

Elaine Beck 6:16
How many years have you been watching them come over the border?

Michael Meshire 6:20
Too long.

Elaine Beck 6:23
And you saw it for all along? And and what were your restrictions on Keeping them out?

Michael Meshire 6:31
Well, back when we had title 42, implemented at full speed, we would charge them with 1325 e, entry without inspection. So they’d come in, we’d fingerprint them. And lo and behold, when we fingerprint them, they’d have 20, prior recidivist hits, 30 recidivist hits. Wow, we would if any of them need medical attention, we do that we’d feed them and then we’d send them either on a bus back to their country. Or if they were OTM what we call other than Mexican. So El Salvador, Nicaragua, and then we would fly them back with the US Marshals, right? That’s, I mean, it was immediate and rapid removal.

Elaine Beck 7:12
And who was that this happened?

Michael Meshire 7:14
Oh my gosh, that was under Trump.

Elaine Beck 7:16
Absolutely. And now what are we doing with them?

Michael Meshire 7:19
Now we bring them in. We were actually, if I might say this, and a lot of us feel this way, is my buddies that are still in there going to the border. The smugglers on the south side are like sin in 30, 40 kids with four or five aunts and uncles, which are sex traffickers. They’ll go to an agent and then the agent will say, Hey, guys, it brings everyone out of the field to process these people than they have – Now They’re leaving the field early to transport transport them back to Los realice or wherever the city or whatever, they process them. And they’ll either little walk right out the front door and say now make sure that on 2020-Whatever the client

Kathleen Winn 8:07
Five to seven years from now.

Michael Meshire 8:08
Yeah, make sure you show up, like our good friend Andrew who we saw on an aircraft. Well, who’s paying for them to fly?

Elaine Beck 8:17
Exactly the taxpayer. Yeah, exactly.

Michael Meshire 8:21
And, and something that you might have not seen on the news- Well, because I know you didn’t see it on the news. But a while back, we found 500 pounds of explosives underneath a bridge near Sasabe, Arizona with detonators. So these are just normal people coming in and turning themselves in? No! When they come in and all of our resources come in all of a sudden in the mountains and everywhere else, sensors start going off. I wonder who’s coming in over there. Because if everyone had good intentions, and they’re coming in and and turning themselves in and claiming asylum saying that they’ve all been raped or sexually abused sex trafficking, which-

Kathleen Winn 9:02
Probably just on the trip up, yeah, all right. Sorry.

Michael Meshire 9:06
That’s true, because sometimes when we would interview people, these 13 year olds, um, they would say to my mother didn’t have money to send me here. So she said, I know that you’re going to be raped. Here’s some medicine to take right after

Kathleen Winn 9:23
So that you don’t get pregnant.

Michael Meshire 9:25
Yeah. So that’s, that’s her service so that she can come over and she thinks she’s gonna have a better life, but then they never pull her out of that sex trafficking.

Elaine Beck 9:34
Yeah. And that’s where, you know, I mean, we’re trying to talk a little bit here about the Hamas and Hezbollah coming over the border. But you know, it’s such a much bigger picture as as we’re hearing and, and it’s such a much bigger picture when you realize that, you know, it seems like and I hate to put it this way, but the subject of the day One day is trafficking, the next day it’s how many young people are dying from fentanyl, or other drugs. And the next day it’s, you know, the Chinese coming over and infiltrating. And they are, And Hezbollah and Hamas coming over and and filtering and not so what we what our focus is today is the fact that we’ve got all of these people coming over that are dangerous, they are trained. And can you give us just a quick synopsis of the little training that we heard about last Saturday when we met with some of your other friends?

Michael Meshire 10:40
Well, we can even go back even further than that. In Afghanistan, when our military went in and just decimated some of these training areas. It was guesstimated that 70,000 of these people were trained, and that 1/5 of them are in the United States ready for orders with sleeper cell

Kathleen Winn 11:02
Sleeper cells, exactly.

Michael Meshire 11:03
We’ve even in the United States, with our authorities have gone in and shut down training sites here in the United States. And a lot of the Border Patrol agents and mean myself, I mean, we find when we when we’re tracking people out there, and if we get too close, sometimes they’ll just ditch all of their stuff. Oh, there’s there’s been grenades, the AK 47, Fast and the Furious prayer chars everywhere. An Arab and right now a lot of Arab men and a lot of young Chinese men-

Kathleen Winn 11:37
But all military aged men coming in, we’re not seeing as many children we’re not seeing as-

Elaine Beck 11:42
No it’s tons of men!

Kathleen Winn 11:44
And you think only 19 people executed 911. So if we’re with millions of people here that we don’t know, and all the gottaways, this is the thing that keeps me up awake at night, and I’ve been sounding this alarm for over a year, who’s coming in our country? And what are they? And what are their intentions? And we don’t know. And there’s no political will, by this current administration to find out who’s coming in. And we’re to our earlier point, we’re all at risk as a result of that.

Elaine Beck 12:13
That’s right, everybody. And you know, the other thing that before we close today, and you know, we could talk for hours on this, let’s face it. But before we go any further today, I want to remind you all of what God has given us to do. And that is that we ought to pray for our enemies. And I know that sounds crazy after what you just heard. But remember this, when Jesus was on the cross, His words were, forgive them, for they know not what they do. He was speaking to his father, our God, the creator of this world, and asking them, for these people, us all the people on this earth to be forgiven, because we know what we’re not what we’re doing. And there are millions of young people that from the time they were old enough, big enough to hold a gun, they were taught to murder, and to hate, and to do evil, what we call evil. And they are actually brought up to believe that they are special, because they’re willing fighters. And we have to understand that just like our our new program that’s going across the country rapidly, W.A.N.E, we are not enemies, that on November 26 of this year, until November 26 of next year, for an entire year, God has asked us to honor His scripture that he told us, If my people who are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, and sin and seek my face. I will heal their land. This is so important right now. God is the only one that can change the hearts of these people that have been raised and taught evil. He’s the only one that can protect us from things. So please go to WeAreNotEnemies.com Read on all about it. And understand that when you forgive your enemies, whether it’s your brother, your sister, your neighbor, your aunt, your uncle, or somebody who’s messing with our world, okay? When you do that, you’re giving them back over to God to give them a chance to find their salvation like you have. You’re not saying that you’re okay with what they did. We’ll never be okay with that. And God knows it. And he’s not okay with it either. So remember, unlock that. Open your hearts and do what is right. And go to. We are not enemies.com. And thank you both for being here today and sharing this powerful thing that’s happening in our country right now. And all of you please do your part. Start with prayer, obviously. And then make sure that you reach out to your neighbors and friends and tell them, be careful, things aren’t safe right now. Watch your surroundings, take care of yourself, and do what you can to help others. Whether it’s by sending money to the organizations that are out there, and there are many we’re not one of them. We’re not asking you for a thing. What we’re asking you for is to pray, serve God and know to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Thanks for being here, guys.

Kathleen Winn 15:50
Thanks for having us.

Elaine Beck 15:52
And have a blessed day. And you know, I’m always praying

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