Ending The Crimes Against America (ft. Kathleen Winn)

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Who will be an advocate for the weak? Who will bring knowledge to those who don’t understand? Who will champion God’s values in a world trending towards darkness?

We NEED godly leaders in America. That’s why our next pick for congress should be my dear friend, Kathleen Winn!

Kathleen is running for AZ CD 6, and after a lifetime of service to her neighbors behind the scenes, she is jumping back into politics to honor God and protect Americans.

Hear more of her platform by listening in!



Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And this is It’s Not About Us, our wonderful show that speaks of how we are here to serve God, and it is about him. And it’s all about what we do here to serve Him and that makes a difference. And so I want to introduce you to my dear friend, and someone who goes to my church, and someone who is running for Congress that I just really admire. And so Kathleen, say hello,

Kathleen Winn 0:47
hello, Kathleen Winn, running for Congressional District Six, and I want to win so I can represent you, as your as your Congresswoman.

Elaine Beck 0:55
Yes, absolutely. And I’m excited about that. Because, you know, I’ve met a lot of people running for office. And I’ve interviewed tons of people that have run for office or in office. And I mean, literally, you can look on my site, and you will see this is true. And a lot of them are amazing that Kathleen, has served her country in so many different ways before she ever ran for office, and yet never been in office. And but she serves because she’s back the people. And that’s what all of you can do. You don’t need to be in office, to serve your country to stand up for what’s right to be on the school board to be in the local community church, on their advisory board like she is or to work in an office, a government office and back up the person that is there. There are so many wonderful things they can do. So Kathleen, tell them a little bit about some of the things you’ve done.

Kathleen Winn 2:05
Okay, great. Well, thank you. So I worked in the Arizona Attorney General’s office and my job was community outreach and education. So it was my job to tell people how they could become victims of crime. And when you do that, you learn about all the different ways that crime is being committed. And unfortunately, right now in Arizona, with the open border with the fentanyl, with the trafficking, with just so many criminal enterprises operating we have nothing but crime. We are the front door where everything illegal is happening and making us unsafe America. I also served on the governing board America community college, I was elected to that county wide but worked for years to see the Liberals playbook about diversity, equity and inclusion, critical race theory. And so I’ve learned through that I know right as the bad stuff. And then and now they’ve tried to bring that to our law enforcement to our military, this horrible thing that just got passed, where we gave tons billions of dollars so that we could be more woke in our military. And now they wonder why they’re having a recruiting problem. Right. And, and then my husband retired as a vice president, Boeing, and so we served many military families, he was accountable for the Apache attack helicopter. And so we love the army. And he spent 40 years in Army Aviation and the during the time that he was vice president, we got to take care of a lot of our Army families. We love the military. We’ve worked with veterans. And so I helped set up veterans courts in the state 22 to connect veterans to the services that they’re entitled to. So God has used me and then the thing that is most near and dear to my heart is finding missing children and fighting sex trafficking. Yes, absolutely. And I I’m a subject matter expert, I briefed Congressman without being in Congress about the atrocities that we see. And unfortunately, right now, this government seems to be trafficking children, there’s 120,000 Missing illegal immigrant children in this country and, and children, it’s not their fault if they’re here, and we have to protect them. And so it’s just out of control and chaotic. My husband, I have seven children. I have 18 grandchildren, and I look at their future. You know, we’re in the best stage of our life. We’ve learned so much, but now it’s time to apply that and absolutely to do what we can to protect this country.

Elaine Beck 4:34
Right. Right. Not that you need to wait to get to be in our age range to do something for your country. So please, that Kathleen, you know, you you went into this the last time

Kathleen Winn 4:50
Yes, there was five of us running. Yes.

Elaine Beck 4:52
And you know, you were the best candidate then. You’re definitely the best candidate now. And so we need to make sure that people understand that, you know, your vote, if you make it to Congress and when you waive it, yes, excuse me when you make it, your vote is going to impact everybody in this country. And that’s something that I think that so many people don’t understand. They don’t understand that when you vote for a congress person, and you say, well, they’re just they’re the only one in my district. That’s all I got to worry about. No, no, I say you donate to as many as you can. And it doesn’t have to be a lot, a little goes a long way. But if you donate to all of them, that you can remember that their vote will either go with her vote and do the right thing. Or they will cancel out her vote. And you don’t want that to happen. Because she’s a conservative Christian. And she is going to vote the Bible way. Right, right.

Kathleen Winn 6:08
Absolutely. This nation was founded under God, this is, you know, God doesn’t. We need God now more than we’ve ever needed. Oh, he does not need us. But we have to stick together. And there’s a direct attack on our families, on our faith on our beliefs. And we have two genders, boys and girls. We I’m pro life, I am not afraid to say that people say oh, you can’t say that in this. No, I am pro life.

Elaine Beck 6:34
Yes, you can. Yeah.

Kathleen Winn 6:35
And I do, right. And I think you need to have someone who’s convicted, who knows where they stand. I’m not going there to win a popularity contest. I don’t care if if people don’t know my name. But if they know that I will vote the way that will protect this country and protect our children, then, then I’m okay with that. And I appreciate what you’re saying. Even $10 Just to say, hey, you keep out there. You stay out there and you work hard. We want to replace that vote. Kevin McCarthy is no longer going to be in Congress. Right. And he put a lot of people in Congress to get him to be the speaker. Well, that’s done now. So now we need to come together and make this bigger than one identity one person, this is for saving our country, and I want to go to support my friends, Eli crane, Andy Biggs. Paul Gosar, Scott Perry. They need support. Donald Trump, Donald Trump. Yes, absolutely. Donald Trump. And and people that. And I want to be clear, though, Elaine, people that make this about Donald Trump is bigger than Donald Trump. It’s about saving the future of the world because of America.

Elaine Beck 7:40
Absolutely, but he is the one running for president.

Kathleen Winn 7:43
Absolutely. A point and he will be the nominee. Right.

Elaine Beck 7:47
And I just I think it’s so sad that, you know, people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that we care more about Donald Trump than we do God. No, absolutely the opposite. We just know that God brought Donald Trump into the position he was in, and he will bring him back again. Because he knows he is the man that will listen to him. And that will do what’s right, for our country.

Kathleen Winn 8:16
I have to believe that God is as horrible as these last three years have been That if you don’t expose that, no one would have believed it. Now the evil is on full display. And we can see, and and Donald Trump will be restored as the president he should, he should have been there the last four years wouldn’t have the chaos we have. But he has proven himself over and over again. And I say With God’s grace and God’s help that he’s innocent. And, you know, isn’t an amazing the contrast this week with Hunter Biden, who is not a man who doesn’t- he is a child right, in a grown up body, and he is spoiled. And and he talks about decency. There is nothing decent about this administration, there is nothing decent about what they’re trying to do to us in our next generation.

Elaine Beck 9:06
look at their video of the Christmas was at the White House. I literally didn’t know whether to throw up or cry. When I saw that and thought that is what they did in our building. You know that we are we the people right. We are you know, and that is our house.

Kathleen Winn 9:26
Well, it’s time to honor the birth of Christ. And yes, that is the season. Yeah, have the transgender, whatever that nonsense was. That video is appalling.

Elaine Beck 9:36
It is. And it just decorated our White House like that. I mean, yeah, I mean, just the looks of it.

Kathleen Winn 9:43
I was

Elaine Beck 9:44
like, Wait a minute. I was there when Donald Trump said I went to a Christmas party at that White House when it was just as it should be. It was beautiful. And yet If you could feel the love of God, and the compassion and the caring that this country, you know, a president who stands for biblical values and stands for good. How and the way that Melania decorated the trees and all the rooms. I mean, it was breathtaking. Literally.,

Kathleen Winn 10:24
it was classy it was all in an honored God. And there’s no honoring God and what they know that this was this was like, the antithesis of honoring God,

Elaine Beck 10:39
right? I mean, the nativity set or seeing that they had an alcove there when I was there. I mean, you talk about the real reason for the season. Yes, it spoke very loudly.

Kathleen Winn 10:53
Yeah. And we have to remember after Christmas next year, as we head into these battles that we have to pray to God, and we have to ask God for His guidance, his wisdom. I know every day right now this is running for Congress is not what I had planned to do. I really didn’t I but I don’t see any other way, in our part of the state, right, take back and take control of an open border that is destroying our country. And, you know, if we look back, it’s the stolen election, absolutely caused the open border that is causing the demise of this country. So if you don’t think it’s all related, and that every criminal enterprise that could exist, the cartels have operational control of our border. We have to do that something now. And talking about it, and pretending and doing political theater. You know, I kid that my district, our district, is the district where all the other congressmen and senators come for their photo op, right? photo ops aside, we now need to do something and get all the illegal immigrants in this country, many of whom are criminals out of our country before we have a situation just like Israel.

Elaine Beck 12:01
Well, you know, I had the pleasure and honor today of being interviewed by Nicole, my new friend and your friend, yes,

Kathleen Winn 12:10
new federal state of China.

Elaine Beck 12:11
And she came over here and I interviewed her. And I need to tell you, Kathleen, when you when I spoke to her today, and her and I put one on one together, and he came up to because she was saved, and found Christ when she was in China, from some people coming over, like I did years ago, as a minister to minister to these young Chinese kids, and tell them the truth of what it was like to live in a free country and to know God and to know Jesus and to serve them. And, and I mean, it took my breath away. And hers both we became fast friends. Because we know that God brought us together then and back together today. And one of the things that we spoke of, and this is something that I’m gonna push home this week at this event, that she lived in a communist countries that they want to turn our country into, she’s dealt with socialism and communism, as she said, she’s already been to hell, that yet, we’re trying to help people understand that if you turn this country into a socialist, communist country, and you allow them to do that, and that’s what you’re doing, if you’re not fighting back, exactly. If you allow them to do that, then you too, will go to hell, and on earth, and you better pray that you stand for God right now you stand for your country, you learn how to say no to the evil, you stand up and do what’s right. You do everything you can, even if it’s only stay home and pray. And as you know, we’re working with this a new program. And and all you have to do is go to we are not enemies.com. And God will tell you, I’m not God, but it’s about God.

Kathleen Winn 14:14
I want to sign up for that.

Elaine Beck 14:16
it all really didn’t come from God. Absolutely. It all came from God. It’s all from his word. And it’s all about the national season of forgiveness. We have one year until November 26 of next year, and isn’t just like God to time it so that this praying for our enemies is from now until after the next election. Yes. And to give us all strength and to try and help people that are lost. If we pray for their forgiveness, that maybe they will find Jesus and they too will be on the right way. And that’s the way of the Lord.

Kathleen Winn 14:56
Absolutely. And it’s all in God’s hands anyway. So we have No power control. And that’s the illusion people think that they have power. Nicole Tsai from the new federal state of China, who you mentioned is a dear friend. And we I am so grateful that that connection got made. Because isn’t that like God, though God’s timing, right that we meet people at the right time. And so I think we need to all connect as much as we can to save our country. Absolutely.

Elaine Beck 15:24
And to love one another. Yeah. And you know, God says, Love your neighbor as yourself. And everybody’s your neighbor, whether they’re in this country or another country. We’re all God’s children. Yes. And that’s the thing that we all have to remember and grasp, hold on, and just do our best to love everyone. We know that there’s a lot of evil and a lot of darkness and that and we don’t have to like what they’re doing. We don’t know. We don’t have to agree with it. We don’t, we can say no, we can turn away that darkness. And yet at the same time, we can love everyone. And help them to find the true God, the true spirit and the light.

Kathleen Winn 16:05
I think the hardest thing is loving your enemies. But if you do, then you aren’t carrying the burden of whatever that is inside of you. Oh, amen. Yeah, amen. Can I give people my website?

Elaine Beck 16:15
You certainly better

Kathleen Winn 16:16
Okay, so WINN w in N for arizona.com. So win for arizona.com. And a win for Arizona is a win for the country.

Elaine Beck 16:26
Yes, it is. And I agree, not just because you’re like good friend either. gonna listen guys, thank you for being at the show today. As you know, we’re on CPAC you can also go to Elaine beck.com. See all my shows and see, learn about the Christian News Journal that we have, and our studio that we’re so excited about and know that we are praying for you all the time, and that we just love you all. God bless you

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