Assaulted for Loving Trump (ft. Michael Meshire & Kathleen Winn)

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What started as a compliment and a display of neighborly affection for Michael Meshire quickly turned into a fight for his life! By God’s grace, he is here to share the story with us.

Almost as shocking is where it happened – in the nicest part of town!

Join us for this incredible story as my friend Kathleen and I listen to Michael tell the details of this close call and how God protected him.



Elaine Beck 0:16
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And this is it’s not about us. And we are proud to be on CPAC now and all over the country with different shows. So we love you all, we’re so happy you’re here. And as usual, you know my favorite word by now excited. I am excited today, to have to have dear friends to wonderful people that are fighting in their own way as we all should be to save this country. And to my right, is a man. So we’ll start to my left. We have fun on this show. We try and have fun, because this is about it’s not about us. It’s about the good things that are happening in the country. We’re going to hit every tough subject there is today. But ultimately, we’re trusting in God for the right answers. And so Kathleen Winn, my dear friend, who is running for

Kathleen Winn 1:15
Congress, and Congressional District Six in Arizona,

Elaine Beck 1:18
right is setting on my left. And Michael Meshire, a very wonderful young man, I call him young, because I’m so much older, you know. But Michael, is a retired Border Patrol. And he’s done so many things for our country. And he’s given so much, you know, I love it, Michael and, Kathleen, that we live in a country where we have such wonderful men serving their country in so many different forms. It’s not only our military, which God knows right now they need our help. We are struggling over in Israel along with our, our family. That’s that’s who the Jewish people in Israel are. They’re our family. And so we’re struggling with them. And we are having casualties. And and it breaks my heart. But at the same time, we are also working on a border that has been made open by the current White House. What would you call them? renters? No leasers.

Kathleen Winn 2:32
I don’t know if I can say what we can call them. So we’ll just move on.

Elaine Beck 2:37
But anyways, because of that the border has been open. And we’re dealing with so much. And so I thought it’d be great to have Michael here who has, you know, his fingers in the pie in the border still to this day. Thank you so much, Michael, for hanging in there. And I’ve met a lot of his friends as well, that they’ve never walked away. They may have retired, but they never walked away. They still are understanding that this is about our country. This is about their family, our families. It’s about the people that we love and know our neighbors, and what does God say love your neighbor, as nice as you love yourself. And so that’s what we’re going to do today and share some stories. And, Michael, I know I teased you about being a guy not being first. But I want to start with some recent things that happened to you. Michael had already been severely injured on the border, and went through a horrible crisis. But we don’t have time to get into that today. But we’re going to talk about what happened to him recently. Once it’s been about two and a half months ago, my guess I think it was like August 5, maybe. Okay. Okay. And this was after Michael and I had met and talked and was planning some things. And the next thing I know, I don’t hear from him. And I thought, well, I better call and see where we stand with stuff. And then I heard this story, Michael, can you please tell them? Oh, before you do one more last thing. I am sitting in a studio in Oro Valley, Arizona, that is a quarter of a mile at the very most, from where this event took place. And this is something that I want you all to know if you’re feeling too comfortable with what’s going on in the country. I don’t mean to shake people’s lives up, but you need to be aware of what’s really happening. So Michael, please.

Micheal Meshire 4:37
Yeah, so it was on or about August 5, I was going my daughter just won her volleyball championship. So we were at a friend’s house. And my wife’s like, hey, you know, can you go get some salad or whatnot. So I go to Can I say the store the actual store?

Elaine Beck 4:55
I don’t see why you can’t see it.

Micheal Meshire 4:59
Right now. But no nowadays I don’t want to offend anyone but it was at Safeway. I went into the store and I was shopping. And then there was a really nice lady coming down the aisle. And she had a Trump lanyard on. And she said, Excuse me, and I said, Well, anyone that likes Trump, you’re okay in my book. And we just giggled, right. And I heard some commotion, I heard some voices, something behind me, I really didn’t pay too much attention. And I was wearing a border patrol hat, like, not the official hat, but just one just retired, just supporting Right, right, right. Yes. So I go to the register, I go out to the car, and I’m just shutting the back of the car, the hatchback and I turn around, and my hat goes flying off. And before I know it, there’s two really tall guys are on me. And we’re just fighting. And I’m like, man, if I’ve had a lot of surgeries, I’m getting older. I don’t have a whole lot of time to keep my adrenaline go on. So anyway.

Elaine Beck 6:02
I fought back, you You defended your side.

Micheal Meshire 6:07
Right? Okay. Yes. And it ended up in my favor. Both of the gentlemen later took off. And there was just blood everywhere. And I’m like, what’s going on? I mean, yeah, we were fighting. We were scrapping. So I get into the car, and I was about to call or valley PD, when when they both took off. And I looked and I don’t know, two inch slash on my face, a knife to the knife me what I thought was a punch was a knife, and I’m looking in there. And I could see one of my teeth kind of through my cheek. And I was just like, did this just really happen? So am I Alright, I’m gonna have to tell my wife because I’m a magnet for this type of stuff. She’s like, what now I’m like, Well, I’m gonna be a little late. I gotta go to the house. And apply some superglue to some to my face. And close it up. So anyway, I went I picked him up. And we talked about it, and me and my wife were just blown away have just a simple go right ahead. Anyone?

Elaine Beck 7:11
A local grocery store, and you know the name. I mean, it could have been a fries, it could have been a a bashes, or whatever. You know, that isn’t the point. The point is, it was innocently at a local grocery store in one of the nicest areas of Tucson up in Oro Valley. Okay, where, you know, we’re far from the city. We are, you know, we’re not near downtown or anything. We live in a lovely community, it you usually can walk around and just feel super safe. And I have to tell you, you got the nice version from him. I got the gory details. Trust me, there was a lot of gory details. He’s being nice. And I appreciate that from my audience. But at the same time, you need to understand that this is one man and he’s not a little man. Okay? He’s not a little man. He’s not five foot two, he’s not five foot nine. You are how tall? Six, three, he is six, three.

Kathleen Winn 8:12
And you said those other guys were tall. So that’s

Elaine Beck 8:14
sad, man. Yeah, he said nothing more than if you anybody who has a Trump lanyard on is okay by me or okay in my book, or I forget the exact words. And so just mentioning someone that is should be being revered and respected. Okay, for all of the fact that he was a president of the United States and is running for president the United States to say his name and get that kind of a reaction. And if he could do they could do that to a big guy like him. The rest of you couldn’t have hit the guy in the knee, the first one and made him run and cause the other one to leave in pain. You couldn’t have done that. And these were big guys. Okay. And they thought the two of them together how that made. They were fighting against somebody who had already had so much trauma, correct me if I’m wrong. Yes, ma’am. And stuff that, you know, you guys have heard of PTSD. Some of you, I’m sure no family or friends that deal with it. But you don’t understand. Unless you have a friend like I do. To know that it literally can take you back in a situation like that. You can end up right back in that war zone, which that’s what it is, whether you’re out in the field by the border, or you’re out in Vietnam, or when they were out in any other country. You are in a war zone where it’s your life or theirs. And the first time he only lived And by God’s grace, by God’s help and grace, and so for him to have that kind of reaction, natural and he’s he’s had all kinds of therapy because of it. Because this is not fun and games this isn’t something you hear this is not wimping out. This is not a man who would ever went out, trust me. I know. And so he’s still fighting the good fight

Kathleen Winn 10:27
well, and first of all, thank you for just everything you’ve done up until a man I know your background on it record and, and I’m glad that you weren’t reactivated that you that you in the moment when attacked, you knew exactly what to do whether muscle memory from all your training and being in law enforcement or not, it’s I’m glad you’re here. And and I have to say it’s October or November 1. And you can’t even tell like you can’t tell your great super gluer Yeah. And I know you should maybe go into plastic surgery. Yeah, your face looks fabulous. You know, whole new, whole new product line. But the point is that shouldn’t be lost is that in a grocery store, you know, Oro Valley is like Scottsdale, you know, very wonderful your community up here is, is very fluent, and that you couldn’t say something nice to someone that really was none of their business, and that you got assaulted for that. You know, and they want to make out the people that supported Trump as being radical and crazy. You know, they should look in a mirror and a man, I’m really you know, so I’m glad you’re okay. It’s great to see you. And but I think it reminds us we all need to be super vigilant that you could say something just off the cuff. And then you could find yourself being knifed in a parking lot. And how tragic is that. And that’s not the country that any of us grew up in.

Elaine Beck 11:58
You know, it’s really neat, though, to Kathleen and, Michael, that people need to understand we live from right here in this office. You’re about an hour and a half from the border. Yeah. Okay. And people all over this country, not now, though, are experiencing what that’s like. We had a friend fly in last weekend. And when he left, and he went to get on his plane now this is broad daylight, daylight in the morning. He was infuriated, because he had to stand in line, while a bunch of people that had just walked cross the border had nothing but a piece of paper. No, Id No, nothing was put on the plane in front of him. Okay. And I said, I dealt with that when I flew back from France, and landed in Atlanta, they put us on a plane. And we literally had two people setting even up in first class, yelling and screaming and standing and throwing their clothes, and everything on a five hour flight. Oh, wow. Okay. And that doesn’t count all the people that were all through that plane. So i My heart goes out to everyone involved. I mean, look at the steward and stewardess and the people that are dealing with all of this every day. You know, I mean, there is so much more to this story. But my main focus was to get out your local, every day, in and out during the day in a grocery store. Please, I hate to have to say these words. But everybody be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention of who’s in your presence. Be careful about what you saying near others. Isn’t that awful that we have to say that in our country capital?

Kathleen Winn 13:59
Yeah, that we don’t we have freedom of speech, but then you have to be careful how you use it. Because if we’re saying in where and who would think a grocery store checkout line is a place that you can’t say I you know, anybody who is wearing something? I

Elaine Beck 14:13
mean, he wasn’t even in the checkout line. They were walking up and down the aisles, and he let her go first. And they happen to be in the aisle behind. So he hadn’t even checked out. Yeah, it’s crazy. And they so they stay stayed around, they stalked you and stalked him and went outside and waited for him to come to his car. Now, that is something like I said, breaks my heart. But we have to be honest and people, you must be aware of your surroundings. You must be careful about who’s listening. And who’s watching you. And if you’re being stalked, and it can happen sadly, obviously, this is the obvious truth. It can happen anywhere in this country in any store, we’ve heard so many horrible stories over the last, what, four or five years of continual outbreaks of hate and anger, and so many of those people have come from over the border. So it just amazes me that we have to have a show like this Well,

Kathleen Winn 15:19
in you know, in our grocery stores now, and pharmacies, so many products are now locked up. So yeah, and we’re being penalized because of all the shoplifting. Right? So we have in the no one does anything with the criminal element at this point, we, you know, police don’t arrest I’m sure that you could give a vague description, but so I’m sure they haven’t been arrested or if they’ve been arrested. No, it wouldn’t.

Elaine Beck 15:46
You wouldn’t. Yeah, I hate to say, but it wouldn’t be.

Kathleen Winn 15:50
They wouldn’t be prosecuted. So

Micheal Meshire 15:52
that was my next point is not enough jail space,

Kathleen Winn 15:54
there is not, you know, and

Elaine Beck 15:56
the sad thing and crime is rampant, right, these people turn around and they point the finger back at you then and make up some story. Everybody’s got a story. Everybody’s got a lie these days. Everybody’s got an excuse for why they did something. You know, it’s sad, it’s scary. And so all I can say to you all is thank you for being here for the show. Keep this in your back of your mind. Please be aware. Take care of yourselves. Give all your attention and time that you have to the god of this world, who is the one that’s going to save us from all of this, and pray to him and know that I pray for you always. God bless you, and thanks for being here. Thank you, too.

Kathleen Winn 16:41
Thank you.

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