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Did you know almost 25% of kids living in Alaska are homeschooled?

I was so pleased to sit down with the wonderful Governor Mike Dunleavy to discuss the power of quality education and the richness of our American history. So many of our difficulties in America right now could be solved if only people actually knew their history! And that starts with better education laws and better curriculum.

Listen to our short talk on how the governor is keeping our nation’s largest state on track!

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Elaine Beck 0:12
Well, everyone, we are back again, this is Elaine Beck on, It’s Not About Us because it’s not. It’s about our Lord and Savior and all that we’re here to serve him for. So, in our show, we get opportunities that are grand. And tonight I have a grand opportunity of introducing you to Mr. DunLeavy. Tell us more about your name and where you’re from? Well, great.

Mike Dunleavy 0:38
Well, it’s great to be here, first of all, and in this historic site of Mount Vernon, and talk to Elaine, about a very important topic, obviously. So my name is Mike Dunleavy. I’m the 12th governor of Alaska, my originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and moved to Alaska in 1983. Right out of college, I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. I always love the outdoors. And I tell people, I’d have to live eight lifetimes to see and do everything I want to do in that gigantic magnificent state.

Elaine Beck 1:04
I can understand that.

Mike Dunleavy 1:05
But you know, Alaska is our most westerly state or most northerly state, and we’re the only way the only Republican state on the West Coast, red state. But nonetheless, it’s a terrific state. And I’d invite everyone to come up and visit.

Elaine Beck 1:20
Yeah, I want to .

Mike Dunleavy 1:23
Do it in the summer.

Elaine Beck 1:25
Yeah, I’ll probably survive it better that way. What’s the best month?

Mike Dunleavy 1:30
Well, for me all the months are I mean, but for most people coming up in June, you have a lot of light, because we’re at the top of the world in the summertime, it’s warm. There’s a lot of activities to see and do. But every month is great in Alaska. I like 12 months a year in Alaska.

Elaine Beck 1:45
I know you do. But I was talking about somebody from the desert like me

Mike Dunleavy 1:49
Come up in June.

Elaine Beck 1:51
I’ll try and do that. I really will, Mike. So this is wonderful that we’re at this auspicious occasion. And it really is our friend, and brother in Christ. Dr. Ben Carson has a wonderful organization called American Cornerstone Institute. And he’s doing wonderful things, particularly for the children in this country. And God knows we are being bombarded with all kinds of horror towards our children. How do you feel about the direction that things are going in, in our country?

Mike Dunleavy 2:28
Like a lot of people very concerning. My career was as a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, right. And so to me, it’s, it’s very concerning what’s happening in our schools. And in our universities, they’ve, in many cases, they become propaganda Institute’s. In many cases, there’s a brainwashing attempt to try and fragment this country divide us along lines, ethnic lines, religious lines. And, unfortunately, some of this is happening our schools, right, and this is where we send our kids. And so I’m really glad about the work that Dr. Carson is doing. I had the pleasure of having Dr. Carson in Alaska in August, to visit some of our schools to talk to the groups of folks. And if anyone gets a chance to ever meet the doctor, they will be I think, very, very impressed with his history, his education, most importantly, his commitment to the ideals that formed this country. And that’s what he’s trying to get back to. And that’s what he’s trying to get people to realize and remember, what is it to be an American? What what constitutes an American, and with his little patriots approach to education in our schools, he’s able to develop a way to talk to younger kids about what it is to be an American. I think that’s so important.

Elaine Beck 3:50
Yes, it is. But the main thing is to me, I have to tell you, I feel that the governors are the solid rocks that we need, because you are in each state. What the state’s designed to me are what’s vital and important. You’re in a very wonderful role. And you’re handling it so well. The state is doing so well compared to what it was. And I really appreciate it. And I’m sure all the other people out there do. We need safe havens like Alaska, For sure. And I love the fact that, you know, governors are involved in all aspects of the livelihoods of their constituents.

Mike Dunleavy 4:32
I think it’s interesting that we’re here today because in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you got a great governor in Glen Younkin. And as we know, one of the major focuses of Glenn, Governor Younkin is education, right is parental involvement in education, and he’s spot on. He’s absolutely right. In Alaska, we have probably the best homeschool laws in the country. Almost a quarter of our students are homeschooled in Alaska, by their parents, and by those that want to help instead Oh, we love what he’s doing here in Virginia. We’re doing our we’re doing our part up in Alaska. But, again, what Dr. Carson is doing, if we can get that in, in our schools, I think people will be pleasantly surprised that it’s it’s the basics of the foundation of this country that we’re trying to impart, you know, with our kids.

Elaine Beck 5:19
And I realized, and I know that you are one state that has already said, and you’re going to put that teaching that Dr. Carson, the books and things that he’s doing in your schools, yeah.

Mike Dunleavy 5:30
We’ve got schools now going to employ the work that doctors, Dr. Carson is doing in our schools with the younger kids. And that is going to be part of a supplemental curriculum for a number of schools. And I think it’s gonna make a huge difference, it’s going to get a different perspective, really a real perspective of what America was founded upon, so that kids have a clearer understanding, as they move through the school system, what it is to be an American.

Elaine Beck 5:57
And that’s so important. And that’s why I was so excited that this event tonight is being held at Mount Vernon. And of course, that was the home of George Washington. And a lot of people don’t know this about me, but I lived seven minutes from where George Washington crossed the Delaware, in Pennsylvania, and to have a home there for many years. As a matter of fact, my church was about four minutes away. And after church every Sunday, my husband and I would go to the Washington Crossing, a hotel and restaurant there. And so coming here to see the true history, I encourage everybody to do that. It’s a beautiful place. And it’s it’s just one surprise after the other that you see here and things that you learn.

Mike Dunleavy 6:51
George Washington was an incredible man, not just for this country, but for history. And the Founding Fathers, too many to name, it was as if we won the lottery to have all of those intellectual, smart, dedicated people to the cause of liberty. In America at that time that formed this country. We were blessed. And we are the beacon of freedom throughout the world, you see what’s happening across the world. And unfortunately, we have some things happening in our country right now. But, you know, countries go through this now. And then, and America has gone through some of these periods, you know, occasionally in history, but in the end, we seem to be able to pull ourselves together because we the people who actually run this country, are able to get things back on track. And so things are a little messy now, in some cases, but those basic principles, the principles that Ben Carson is trying to impart with our young kids, That’s the basis that’s what’s gonna keep us going as a great country.

Elaine Beck 7:46
Right, right. You’re so right. Well, it’s certainly been a pleasure having you on my show. And I’m really excited to see over the next year, how things go, and we’re all looking forward to another election where prayerfully and I trustingly, that we will get the world starting back going in the right direction in our country. And the world does count on us. I mean, I went to France this year, and I went to Hungary. And they all look to this country to help them get through theres.

Mike Dunleavy 8:22
We’re they’re where their model, and they actually, like you said are rooting for us. We just got to remember what Ben Franklin said, when he was coming out of the convention. A Woman from the crowd shout it out, “Mr. Franklin, what do we have?” And he said, “you have a republic, if you can keep it,” and it is our job to keep the Republican.

Elaine Beck 8:24
And as Dr. Carson and I just got through talking about the fact that it is going to take all of us and that we’re asking everybody out there that hears my show, to know that there is a part for you to play and get the courage and go out there and fight the battle with this just by standing with God, you can do that.

Mike Dunleavy 9:01
And I want to thank you for what you’re doing. Elaine,

Elaine Beck 9:03
Thank you very much. And thank you for being on my show.

Mike Dunleavy 9:05
It’s great to be here.

Elaine Beck 9:06
God bless you. Thank you

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