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God calls us to impossible risks in order to work miraculous wonders. All glory be to Him!

In this episode, Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute tells the story of how God has grown their ministry in the legal system to protect the rights of Christians AND to spread the gospel. Even better, God did it against all odds by bringing them where they were needed most: the west coast of the United States.

Hear Brad’s story and be ready to respond to God’s call in your life!

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Elaine Beck 0:11
Hi, everyone, Elaine Beck here. And this is our show, It’s Not About Us where you can see us on CPAC, which you may be now or our podcast, please go to, watch all the things we do learn about us and know that we are here to serve God. And we know that it’s not about us. And so I have this wonderful guest today. And he is going to tell us all about the organization than he does. His name is Brad Decus. And I’m excited Brad, I love learning new things. And I understand somewhat about your organization. But we all want to know more about it.

Brad Dacus 0:54
Thank you very much you Elaine first for letting me be on your program here. Yeah, we I started Pacific Justice Institute back in 1997. And this is a total God thing. Cuz I didn’t have anything to really to, to contribute to it is sort of from scratch. I was a Western coordinator at the time for an organization out east called Rutherford, wonderful group started by John W. Whitehead, a man I have so much respect for right. And then after five years after starting the organization in 1997, they closed down the regional offices. They offered me to promotion actually help the public affairs office in Washington DC, right would be the media point, man for the whole organization represented before Congress, a higher pay larger staff, larger offices, etc. Right? I said yes. And then I had insomnia. And Elaine, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sleep. And finally I thought, oh, shoot, I gotta pray about this. And I didn’t want to pray about it. Because when I pray, and there’s a fork in the road, I’m always convicted to take the road less traveled, the more difficult one

Elaine Beck 2:01
You’re gonna listen to God?

Brad Dacus 2:02
Yeah. Exactly. The road that requires faith. So I prayed. And when I did, I felt really convicted. With a question. You know, Brad, what desires has God put on your heart? And the answer was to make sure that people got the help that they needed, where it was needed. Most of the time. which was on the west coast, the West Coast, California, San Diego, Seattle. Yeah, that’s like the the beaches of Omaha in the fight for religious freedom, right, especially in 97. Well, so I said, Okay, God, I need free his free office space in Sacramento and definitely donated free free computer system KeyMander to radio stations for free. We have to be in the black industry in three months. And I’m never going to charge anyone for any work we ever do ever. I thought it was very reasonable for my business model. So like it, yeah, so God came through on all of it. And fast forward, save a lot of time. We now have 36 offices in 29 States, Coast to Coast. We do all our work without charge. We have over 250 cases in active litigation, defending religious freedom, parental rights, and the sanctity of human life. We don’t cherry pick our cases, we work hard to make sure that no one is left on the side of the roads. It makes us very, very unique as a legal ministry. And God has raised it up. And he in as far as on the radio, we have a show of the Decus report. It’s heard on not two, but over 800 radio outlets. We don’t pay for our radio time. By God’s grace, we don’t pay for the legal edge our commentary over 1000 radio outlets, we have a new TV show called Faith and Law. And then we have which is syndicated. It’s out there. And then we have another one called on his channel called Brad Decus live. So it’s exciting what God’s doing. And we put our resources into making sure that people get the help they need all without charge.

Elaine Beck 3:58
That is amazing. Absolutely. Obviously, it is. And God is all powerful. But what I always think of it these times, and you’re gonna think I’m crazy or silly or whatever. But, you know, we have to start taking those numbers and that timeframe and say things like, okay, that’s been how many years ago it started, and how much time has passed, and how much worse it’s gotten instead of better. And then you got to jump back to that beginning. And you got to say even back then, there was over 300 million people in this country, right? So you start looking and dividing your numbers of people in your states, over how many millions of people and you have to understand we all need to be doing what he’s doing. We all need to be backing what he’s doing. We all need to find a way to see where it is God wants to use us, and what his organization and many other wonderful organizations are doing in this country. And that’s why we’ve gone backwards instead of forwards. Even though there’s wonderful people and wonderful organizations like is, it’s because none of us were prepared to jump on board. Now is not too late. Right?

Speaker 1 5:29
Oh, it’s definitely not too late. In fact, God, by God’s grace to former President Donald Trump, we had three wonderful appointments, the Supreme Court that has now tilted the court to give the greatest case law precedent for religious freedom in the workplace, for employees, another case for employers, another one for people who work for the government, for religious freedom, pro life case law, parents rights to have their child and go to a school of their choice, according to their conscience, incredible case law. Now we’re using this very aggressively in our litigation all across the country. We’ve never had federal courts, more pro religious freedom, pro parents, Pro sanctity life than we have right now. So this is a great, exciting time. Yes, there’s tremendous spiritual darkness. But God by His grace has given us all the opportunity to shine the light through that darkness. And that’s what we’re doing. I even love to guest preach at churches now preaching at churches expository giving people an opportunity to receive Christ. And it’s it’s really exciting. Just at this conference, I was we had a conference for an hour about the Constitution on campus, the rights for kids to show their faith. At the end of it, I think, to the surprise of a number, I shared the gospel, and I gave people an opportunity right there to receive Christ. I’d say about a dozen hands went up to receive Jesus this morning, that so we so we get so the Constitution is like the 50 yard line. People coming to Christ and seeing the kingdom of God, expand. That’s the touchdown that we see at Pacific Justice Institute. And by God’s grace, it’s exciting to see it happen.

Elaine Beck 7:16
Right? Right. You know, I can tell that you and I are on the absolute same level, we have this passion for God, yeah, that we all should have. And we go to work every day, and it’s not work. It is serving God. You know, people say to me, because I’m, I’m really up there in years. And people say, Well, you know, why don’t you retire? You know, you could be on a beach, you could be the, and I’m like, You know what, I have hunted the Bible from front page to back and nowhere in there does it say you retire. However, it does say these words, you will serve the Lord your God all the days in your life, right? And there’s a difference between work and serving God. But that doesn’t mean that it takes less effort. It takes more than because you get more joy from it, you get more peace from it, you get more comfort, you get more love in every way. So what an honor it is to meet you. And to find out more about your organization. And, you know, I loved a couple of things you said, I want to point out real quick, and then I’m gonna give you time to share. And I want everybody to remember that this man, along with many other people, has shared with you what President Donald Trump our real president has done in this country. And why it has been good. And I want you to think about that. All you naysayers are all you people that are concerned about how he was tweeting, and how he was doing all these other things that made you uncomfortable, you ladies that didn’t like the fact that he said some things that bent you a little bit, I want you to remember that God can use everybody, he can use a Donald Trump who’s not perfect because nobody is. But what you said really hit home for all of them and for me, know who to vote for when the time comes. Because it’s really important. So Ken, would you share with the people now? The things that you feel that they need to know to reach out to you, your organization, and to understand how important it is to be part of the team?

Speaker 1 9:50
Yes. And you know, God wants us to be to take note and be watchful of all things as it says in Second Timothy chapter three. So I encourage people- and in chapter four – urge people to be aware of what’s going on. So we have an E newsletter called The Legal Insider, the Legal Insider. People can sign up for that on our website, P J I dot org. That’s p j They can also text if they’re into texting. They simply text PJ I did the number 71541. That’s a 71 year old man, having lunch with a 54 year old woman. And there’s a one year old in a highchair. That’s how I remember it. 71541, maybe Elaine, you can come up with a better way of remembering

Elaine Beck 10:39
because that logistically doesn’t work.

Speaker 1 10:41
Yeah, okay. 71541. But anyway, that’s sort of what I was thinking that we have great resources there like our parents can protect their children from being taken by social workers. 12 steps that’s free of charge of video training about face in the workplace for business owners and employees. opt out notices for parents to use opt out forms to protect their kids, if they still have kids in public schools, ways their churches can start church homeschool co ops, is amazing and rights of kids on campus, a book reclaiming your school, how to legally evangelize public schools, all these are free resources. In addition, they can request assistance. And of course, if they want to support our work, we’re a nonprofit ministry. And we greatly appreciate those who feel led and called to become a part of our ministry at P J. I dot o r g.

Elaine Beck 11:32
this has been a real blessing in my life, I’m sure it has been in my audience. We love hearing how we can be part of the solution, not the problem. And there’s always going to be problems The Bible says, For one of the first things God ever gave me was there will always be trials not just occasionally not understand. This is what it is, we live in a wicked world, that God is here to help us through it. And to give us His love, He sent His Son for us to die so we can have eternity. Nobody could ever love you more or offer you more. So remember, we’re here to serve Him. So that means serving each other. And it sounds like you’ve done that in such a great way. What an honor, it’s been to meet you. And to learn more about your organization, I will be reaching out, because I like to understand better the people that I interview, the people that are here serving God. And so thank you for being on my show. I hope you have a blessed time here. I understand you’re from out of state. Yes. And I bet you’re loving our weather.

Speaker 1 12:49
Oh it’s wonderful. Wonderful. Yeah, it was great. And he laid back. Thank you so much for allowing me to be interviewed on your program. I appreciate your heart and all that you’re doing and if we can ever serve you and anyone you know, just give us a call. Okay.

Elaine Beck 13:04
Well, God bless you all and know that we are on CPAC. Now, you can again go to and see this quick, sign up for the Christian News Journal. Look at our shows. Understand that we love God and we know you really do reach out to him. He’s there for you. Know that I’m praying for you every day. God bless you and thank you.

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