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After nearly a year hiatus, Proverbs Media Group has relaunched our very popular digital newspaper, Christian News Journal!

With a bigger staff, more diverse topics, and new editorial team, I am so pleased we are relighting this candle to shine God’s truth in an increasingly dark world. Christians need a website they can trust – and that is CNJ!

We are continuing our bold reporting on politics and world events, but we have also expanded into movie reviews, parenting advice, devotionals, recipes, health tips, and lots more.

Christians live full lives and this publication wants to serve you in all of it. Join me as I interview the new lead editor, Danielle Dolin, about this exciting return!




Elaine Beck 0:15
Hi, everyone, I’m Elaine Beck. And of course, this is our show, It’s Not About Us. And we are on CPAC Now, and I absolutely wish and hope and pray that you will all reach out and look at all the things that we’re doing at Proverbs Media Group. So speaking of which, today, I have my granddaughter with me, and she is going to be telling us a little bit about the Christian News Journal. She works with Proverbs Media Group. And she’s been really, really working hard to get our Christian News Journal, which as you I hopefully, you know, and if you don’t, that’s our online newspaper. And so, Danielle Dolan is my my granddaughter’s name. And Danielle and I are going to be having a little conversation about all of the wonderful upgrades and some of the wonderful writers and stuff that we’re having. And just things that I think you’re gonna want to know because it’s up and running now that we are looking forward to taking bigger, so hi.

Danielle 1:26
Hello. So like my grandma said, I am Danielle, I am currently the managing editor of the Christian News Journal. And so I just want to tell you a little bit about it today. So we debuted it on November 1, so just last week, and we had it down for almost a year now. Yes. But we took that time to really follow God’s direction and revamp it and not just make it what it used to be, which was pretty much politics and current events, we really want it to be relevant and to be a whole news organization that envelop the whole person, and not just what was going on in the news. Right?

Elaine Beck 2:06
And you know, the thing is, is the news is very vital. And right now we all know, it changes moment to moment, let alone day by day or week by week. And so there’s a whole lot to cover but, you know, it’s our lives are belong to God, don’t they?

Danielle 2:25
They do.

Elaine Beck 2:26
And and we need to remember that. It’s not just what’s happening out side of our world. But what’s happening inside of our world. It’s important. Yeah,

Danielle 2:38
So one of the ways that we have kind of revamped things, is we’ve brought in a lot for parents. So a lot of times as a parent, when I send my kids to school, right, I’m going to send them to school for a book fair. They have the Scholastic book fairs in the school, right? As a parent, and it’s something that’s at a school, I think that it’s safe. I want my kids to love reading, I want them to have all of that. I’m gonna send them with money, for the Scholastic Book Fair to make sure that they get books, right. Did you know that scholastic book fairs are hiding sexualized books, all kinds of LGBTQ books, all kinds of really woke content?

Elaine Beck 3:17
Right. And the thing is, is, as we all know, as Christians, you know, the Bible does not approve of things like that. And therefore, you know, God’s calling us to stand against the evil and stand against, you know, all of these things. I were going to be working on a program here coming up, I’d mentioned this before called No, no, you can’t have our kids. No, you can’t change our language. No, you can’t. You know, feed them all of this untruth that we don’t believe in.

Danielle 3:54
Exactly. So one of the articles that I just published today, like 15 minutes ago, before we came in here to film right was something that I had no clue about. But one of my writers approached me about Kirk Cameron, he developed his own book fair, it is called Sky Tree book fairs. They heavily vet all of the books, they make sure that they are appropriate for children. There’s none of this hidden, woke stuff in them. There are good Christian books that aren’t going to indoctrinate our children. As a parent, I wouldn’t have thought of that. But that’s one of the things that we are putting out with the Christian News Journal to reach the masses that it isn’t getting publicized in mainstream media.

Elaine Beck 4:35
And you know, Kurt has done so many wonderful things. He’s such a strong Christian man. And of course he made his name years ago, well before he came out and and started talking and realizing that so many things were going awry, and that his children and grandchildren needed to have more choices. The parents and the children about doing what’s right, doing what’s biblical, and having those values again, back in our children’s lives. And I’m so proud of what he does. But I didn’t know about this, would you give them the name again, so that they can look it up.

Danielle 5:18
It is called Sky Tree book fairs. And if you go to the Christian News Journal, which our website is Christian news, you can see that article, it is also on our Facebook page and social medias as well. So you can get the link to the article if you check that out.

Elaine Beck 5:34
Right. Right. Well, that’s wonderful. Because, you know, I think that, you know, when somebody just says, Well, we’re going to do things for parents, or children. You know, that doesn’t really give you the picture. But I think you’ve painted a very good picture today, for people to understand that these are very relevant, newsworthy items that we’re going to be putting in there. And that you know, for, whether you’re a parent, or a grandparent, or a great grandparent listening, whatever your age is, this can be relevant to you, and your family, or your neighbors, or anybody that you can have the conversation with. So I’m really thrilled about that. What else do you have for us, Danielle?

Danielle 6:21
A lot of the things that we’re doing with parents is about empowering them with like, their choices and things like that. But also as an organization that really wants to get into the whole person we have also brought in the area for your spiritual life, we have started doing devotionals. So on Wednesdays, we call it the Women’s Midweek Reflection. And then on Mondays we publish a men’s devotional which are called men on a mission.

Elaine Beck 6:47
I like that. Yes, yeah. Because, you know, I think that not just parents in this, I mean, I’m going to not to disagree with my granddaughter, but I think every woman or man, who is in our audience is going to be that that devotionals for all ages, am I right?

Danielle 7:08
It is. And the big thing about that is is we have a woman that is writing the women’s devotional, and we have a man that’s writing the men’s devotional, which I think is really important, because a lot of times, another woman is going to understand more where I’m at with my spiritual journey than a man is and they can be led by God. But there’s that little piece of comfort of knowing that another woman’s writing that, and it’s the same thing for men, they get that to knowing that another guy is going through these experiences that the other gender may not think about.

Elaine Beck 7:41
Well, and the thing is, is, you know, God made man and woman, and that that’s all he made. Let’s clarify that first. And, and that, you know, men in the Bible were, it’s been laid out what their role is in the family, in the life in the community. In the church, it’s very clear, and women to are told what their role is, and and what their part they’re to play, and, and how they’re to live their lives as a Christian woman. So I think it’s really, really wonderful that you’ve done it that way, and that you’ve got the right kind of writer for the right article. And devotionals are so powerful anyway. I mean, you know, I know a lot of people have devotional books, and they read the words, but I hope that you sit down then after you’ve read the words, and you really mull them over in your mind, and you pray your own prayer about them, too, and take in what that devotional is about, and that’s what’s important, because that makes a man stronger. And it makes him feel more empowered for his week. I like that that’s on Monday. That gives him empowerment to get through his week. Just like when he went to church the day before. And this just sort of to me would would, you know, give you more strength to get through the week. And then with the women. I just love the idea that, you know, woman to woman is is so important and a lot of women who and hopefully there’s still women that are at home working, especially the young women that are staying home because they have small children, and we still have a lot of Christian women doing that and that’s a wonderful thing. And and they need that empowerment. And by Wednesday mid week, they probably need a little build up in their lives to get through the rest of the week with family and meals and cooking and children and and mishaps and and how Houses and cars and all of those things that they they deal with all week.

Danielle 10:05
I know for me personally, as a parent of four children, I need that boost to my week I need that little bit of a pick me up to get through the end of the week, because by Wednesday for me, I’m tired. So middle of the week, but I’m tired. I’ve got so much going on. And having that devotion on having that pick me up. That gets me and where I’m at just really empowers me a lot.

Elaine Beck 10:30
well, I we would be wrong to speak about prayer and not speak speak about the great event that’s coming up now that we’re going to have articles on on a regular basis. And that is the W.A.N.E project, which is And it is about forgiving our enemies, that God has called us in the scripture in Chronicles 7:14, to turn from our wicked ways, and pray and seek His face, and pray for our enemies in particular. And help us to understand that the wicked ways is us thinking that we’re better than somebody because maybe our sin doesn’t seem as big as someone else’s. They’re all sins. God sees it all as a sin. We need to forgive those. As Jesus said on the cross, forgive them for they know not what they’re doing. If you can’t forgive them anything else, if you have someone in your life, that you have a hardship with, and their attitude or or what they’ve done to you, I want you to remember that even Jesus on the Cross said, forgive them for they know not what they do. And we all have times in our life that we have regrets. We said or done things that we learned later on, we should have never done. So forgive them now, because that will save our land. But Danielle, any other particular important things that you’d like to bring up?

Danielle 12:03
Yeah, so we’ve brought in a health section. So on Fridays, we release a recipe, a healthy recipe, and it’s usually pretty easy to do. It’s something that as a parent, I can do, and have time to and it doesn’t gonna take me like two or three hours to prep something.

Elaine Beck 12:20
Well, that’s always good. And that busy work week of many moms and dads, whether you’re a single parent, or you’re a family that makes dinner together. And that type of thing is always more fun when you have a new recipe. And it’s something that it’s helping you know, you’re giving your children something to grow on. And you keep taking care of your own health because without your health, you can’t take care of those babies.

Danielle 12:48
Exactly. And we’ve brought in articles about health, we have a lady who is working as a dietician, right, and a nutritional coach, and she’s also a fitness coach. She’s writing articles for us weekly about things like the core, when you’re doing your core exercises. It’s more than just your abs and different ways that you can like work on being healthy and making sure that the temple that God gave you really is super healthy,

Elaine Beck 13:19
And so we’ve covered a lot of that. But I want you to remember to that we are going to try and be as current on what’s happening in the news as possible. Because yes, we are Christian. Yes, we are. God’s children, but we have to live in this world. We don’t have to live the way they live, but we have to know what’s going on. So we’re prepared. And I think now more than ever, Danielle, we’re living in a world that is much more tenuous every day with what’s going on in Israel today. What’s going on in other places around the world, what we’re dealing with, within our own country, some of the hate and the dissension and the the just very unkind, unloving attitudes, that people are showing, instead of having that forgiveness for your enemies. Instead of trying to just say, agree to disagree. We are doing evil things right down to killing people. And it just is so sad. And I just hope that, you know, as we tell the current news, that we tell it with love in our hearts, we all pray for those people that are involved. And understand that, you know, I’ve been in circumstances where I’ve seen people forgive the worst of the worst. I always am reminded of a family that lost their the woman his mother was dying and she took a flight to go see her mother and as her son and husband were driving home, they were hit by a drunk driver from a Christmas party this was on Christmas Eve. And that it was only within two weeks later that the woman came to me and said that they are going to go see the man that did it, that he had a family too, and that there was going to be more than one family shattered, and that they were going to go let him know that he was forgiven. And that they will testify to the fact that they found out that he was really a good man, and it was there but for the grace of God, go I. These are the things that we share on this show. And we’re going to share in our newspaper that helped us to understand that none of us are perfect. Life is not easy. God says there will always be trials. And so can you give us a little summation of you know, where they go to sign up on it? Or how we’re going to do this and what we’re going to lay it out in the breakout more definitively of the newspaper in some of our goals.

Danielle 16:06
Yeah, so right now, you can visit us on the So, Right. You can also find us on Facebook as Christian News Journal. Twitter, we are CNJ news. And on Instagram, we are Christian News Journal.

Elaine Beck 16:25
I love it. So there’s many ways for you to reach out down the road, we are going to be charging a very small, very small fee to sign up. But for now, it’s free to come in now and look and see how it’s going to help you and what what things it’s going to encourage you to do, and what things it’s going to give you that will help you be more informed about what’s happening currently. And we’re also going to be have things that are going to talk about, you know, the past the history of our country, the things that are being left out that we all should know, fortunately, I lived part of that history. So I’m going to be adding to that. But I just think it’s wonderful that, you know, I know that there’s a lot of seniors out there that like to read, rather than hear everything. I know that there’s a lot of people out there that you know, are housebound in that and they want something that they can enjoy and take their time and not not be trying to keep up with things on, on phones and, and, and things. But I also know that, you know, as Christians, you know, it’s really wonderful to have a place to go, that we can trust. And believe me, we pray about it all the time. We want to make sure that everything we put on there is noteworthy newsworthy, but the truest of what we can give you and current and relevant. Right.

Danielle 18:03
Yeah. So our promise to you at the readers is that we are going to be accurate, and we are going to be relevant. And we’re going to come to you from a Christian viewpoint. Right.

Elaine Beck 18:11
Right. And you know, there’s not a lot of papers out there that can say that right now. And so there’s a lot more to come. We can’t share everything today. But we wanted to open this up. And I wanted to introduce you to the editor. And so I wanted you to understand that you know there is a place there for you to go please check us out. And remember we at it’s not about us are always praying for you. I hope you’ll pray for us in our endeavors because we’re trying to reach out for God. And I know that that’s what you want to so God bless you, and we’ll talk to you next show.


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