About Me

Elaine Beck

Philanthropist, Speaker, and Patriot


For philanthropist Elaine Beck, the words “God and country” represent everything for which she stands. As a passionate motivational speaker and entrepreneur, she has made it her mission to spread the good word about conservative and Christian values using every means at her disposal. Her position as Owner and CEO of Proverbs Media Group enables her to share her vision, to communicate her views of current events, and to give a voice to conservatives across the United States. She hosts regular podcasts and livestreams on It’s Not About Us with CPAC Now and is also heavily involved in CPAC both in the United States and around the world. She often hosts interviews and records her podcasts from PMG Studios, a department of Proverbs Media Group. Elaine is the board president of Blessings Through Action, a nonprofit that is currently raising funds for East Palestine through a project called Be A Blessing. When she’s not busy sharing her views and values, Elaine enjoys doing God’s work, cooking, entertaining, shopping, decorating, and spending time with her three children, thirteen grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren in Arizona’s beautiful Oro Valley.

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